Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Generation Gap

Old generation and young generation have differences in many aspects. According to Cambridge Dictionary, the generation gap is when older and younger people do not understand each other because of their different experiences, opinions, habits and behaviour.

In the experiences aspect, older people certainly have more experiences than younger people because they have lived longer than the younger. All experiences that old and young generations were not faced in the same ways. Habits and behavior will affect their experience, so does reverse.

In behavior aspect, older people are calm, wise, love peacefulness, and cool-headed in solving their problems. Yet, they are sometimes selfish and old-fashioned in deporting themselves  Whereas younger people are energetic, adroit, creative, and optimistic in facing their lives. However, many of them are stubborn, impolite, impatient, and ostentatious.

In the way of speaking or giving opinion, older people always discuss about their past experiences, hobbies, job, social-political matter, so on among them. They also would like to give advice for the younger people by virtue of their experiences. Nevertheless, younger people is wiseacre, more talkative, emotional, and speak out frankly than older generation.

In taking some risks, older people have many considerations before taking the risks. In addition, when they have decided something, they will be brave to face the risks about that. While the younger generation sometimes do not think over the risks carefully, but when they face the risks, they will regret their decisions. Beside that, most of old generation pay more attention about their future while some of younger people only enjoy their present days without thinking about their future.

Old generation’s style is more formal than the younger. They look great in formal style, like batik, shirts, trousers, long skirts, etc. Younger people would rather to follow fashionable and colorful clothes.

In consuming food, old generation prefer to consume sustenance because they think about their health. Nevertheless, young generation prefer to consume junk food, instant food, snacks, and so on as long as those foods are delicious for them although the foods are not nutritious.

If these differences could not be understand each other, there will be many conflicts between them because they do not want to be derfeatist. However, if these can be understand by both generations, our lives will become more harmonious than before.

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