Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

Career Women Cause Juvenile Delinquency

Topic: The position of women in society has changed markedly in the last two years. Many of the problems, young people now experience, such as juvenile deliquency arise from that married women now work and are not at home to care for their children.

Since 20 years ago women have been admitted to have the same rights as men. It changes the position of women in society until now. The emancipation have brought the women to the higher position. Nowadays, women permitted to work by their parents or husbands. This matter still causes pros and cons in society.

We must acknowledge that career women are women who pursue a career to make a living for personal or family advancement. Nevertheless, career women think they can do anything because they have jobs. As we know, most of women that become career women are married women. Besides to support their family financial, career women can also increase their status as women both in family and society. On the other hand, there are also negative factors of being career women.

In working as career women, there are certain obligations that women should not ignore. That is becoming good mothers and good wives. Nevertheless, career woman today do not realise their nature. To illustrate, career women act just like as the leader of their family. They ignore their obligation as wives and mothers, and also  the status of their husband as the head of family. This misperception causes their children as the victims of their selfishness.

Many  people build  in  opinion that the children do not get full attention from their mothers because of  that misperception. It brings bad impact for the children. For example, they spend their time outside without any control. Eventually, the children will dragged along in a bad society, such as drugs consumer, doer of free sex, gangster, street racer, and other  kinds of juvenile delinquency.  Others,  however, disagree about  that. They think that it is not only the women's fault but also the men as the real head of family. Men have obligations much more than women, either as fathers or husbands. Fathers have to be strict to their children. If a father does not control their children by applying rigid rules,discipline habits, and so on, his children will act against their parents. A man also has to make his wife obey him as a husband, so the wife will do her obligation as a good mother and wife. If the men cannot do their responsibilities well, their family will be broken. Their wives will act arbitrarily and their children will wreak their disappointment on deviate things like we have discussed above.

Actually, juvenile delinquency as a kind of rebellion of the children can be avoided and prevented by their parents. In spite of a couple of husband and wife work outside and are rarely at home to take care their children, there are many ways to pay attention to them, such as calling them in a break to ask their condition, enjoying the holiday together, helping them to  solve their problem, listening to their sigh, caring about their growth, and so on. Thereby, the parents will be able to fulfill their commitments as well.  As a result, the children will feel a warmth of love in their family, and never want to do any juvenile delinquency.

In short, a statement that juvenile delinquency and other problems that young  arise from that married women now work and are not at home to care for their children is not true at all. It actually arise from the parents - not only a mother, but also a father - who do not fulfill their responsibilities for the children as well. However, if the parents can manage their time to work and take care their children, the children will not do any delinquency.

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