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Interesting Places in Tana Toraja (Speaking Task)

One of interesting place that I visited is Tana Toraja. I visited it about 8 months ago. When I went to Tana Toraja, it could be done using a bus from Makassar to Makale with a trip to the approximately 10 hours. An interesting tourist attraction in Tana Toraja is associated with the release ceremony of that dead, called Rambu Solo. But, unfortunately there was no ceremony when I visited Tana Toraja. In this moment, I want to share about 5 place of interest in Tana Toraja that I have visited with my friends.

1.    Pallawa
Tongkonan Pallawa is one tongkonan or traditional house that very interesting and were among the bamboo trees on the hilltop.Tongkonan is decorated with a number of buffalo horn that is attached at the front of traditional house. 
There were some shops that sold souvenirs and original things from Toraja. But, I wasn’t interested in all souvenirs there. So, I didn’t buy anything there.

2.    Londa
Londa is the steep rocks on the side of a typical tomb Tana Toraja. One was located on high ground from the hill with a deep cave where the bodies crates arranged in accordance with the family line. The origin people said that there was a couple who weren’t permitted to get married, so they committed suicide. Then their corpses were assembled in this grave by their families. The people believe that this way could make that couple together forever. About the grave, I hope that was the last time to go there because I was afraid to walk there. The way was  so slippery and I slipped there. That’s why I don’t want to go back for the second time. My friends and I were given opportunity to take some pictures there. After that, I bought some gifts for my family.

3.    Ke’te Kesu
The objects of this charming village are Tongkonan, rice barns and buildings in the surrounding megaliths. About 100 yards behind this village there is a cliff with the grave cemetery site dependent and tau-tau in a given building stone fence. Tau-tau shows the daily appearance of the owner. This village is also known as carving skills possessed by its inhabitants as well as a great place to shop for souvenirs. I bought bracelets there.

4.    Lemo
This place is often referred to as the home of the spirits. In the cemetery you can see the corpses Lemo that stored in the open air, amid the steep rocks. This cemetery is the combination of death, art, and ritual. At certain times, the clothes from the bodies will be replaced with a ceremony Ma Nene. I think Lemo was a unique grave because it looks like a circular orange. We just took some photos because it was raining when we just arrived there.

5.    Kambira
Kambira is located in Buntu Sangalla village. It was a tree grave. Only little baby corpses that buried here. They were buried in that big tree. As usual, my friends and I took some photos there. haha.

That’s all interesting places that I have visited with my friends. I really enjoyed this vacation and I wish I can go to another interesting place with my friends.

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